Tidbits Around Town, vol 1.

Although I love writing and creating long, detailed posts about the various places we visit, I believe that there’s also value in the tiny things that make this area so special. In the spirit of giving small glimpses into life around Northern Virginia, I thought I’d create a weekly post series called Tidbits Around Town. Technically not all the tidbits will be from the same town, but in the spirit of alliteration, we’ll let the title stand.

Here’s some peeks at little things we’ve been up to lately that don’t necessarily warrant an entire post, but are worth sharing nonetheless:

The Peach Fuzztival Pancake Breakfast at Great Country Farms:

Last Friday morning, before our afternoon departure to Pittsburgh, we joined some friends back at Great Country Farms for the Peach Fuzztival kickoff featuring peach pancakes included in the price of admission. Everyone loved these! I also discovered a new attraction at GCF that day: the corn bin. It’s an empty three sided building filled with dried corn, dump trucks, shovels, chairs, and other small toys. HOW HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS? Proof that there is always something new to discover at GCF.

-The Loudoun County Fair

Maybe this is my southern upbringing talking but there’s just nothing like the county fair. July ain’t July til you’ve done the fair. This was our fourth consecutive year and this summer we took along my neighbor and her boys after she told me they had never gone to the Loudoun County Fair. That cannot stand, man! It’s something everyone must experience. My husband and I love it because our inner Georgia redneck selves feel right at home at an agricultural fair.


Not Zuckerman’s famous pig, but I couldn’t resist the Charlotte’s Web reference. To this day I am kind to all spiders I find in my home because I hope one day they will remember I spared them and write in their web that I am SOME PIG.

Every year I say I’m going to try a new fried treat and every year I come back to the good old Fried Oreos. I’m about that Fried Oreo life, what can I say.

The rides at the fair are great but I have to say, my family’s favorite part is the animals. There’s a small petting zoo at the entrance where my 5 year old fed millet to parakeets and got to give a baby goat a bottle of milk. The 4H animals are prized and well cared for and are always fun to go visit. Last year I was personally victimized by a faulty mustard pump that shot mustard all over the front of my white shorts as I attempted to top a corndog (and then I had to walk around the fair with noticeable mustard stains all over my shorts). I am pleased to say no white shorts were ruined at the 2015 fair visit.

-West Virginia pepperoni rolls:

On the way home from Pittsburgh we made a stop in Morgantown, West Virginia so I could pop into a Sheetz and get my kids some healthy snacks. I got myself this- a West Virginia pepperoni roll. The Wikipedia article I read about them said they’re the official state food of West Virginia and are literally just pepperoni baked in bread so that the pepperoni oozes orange grease into the bread as it cooks. That was the most precise definition of a food I have ever come across, down to the description of the orange grease. My verdict: not bad. Nobody else in the car would try a bite. We can’t all be born with guts.

While in Morgantown we also went into a Walmart and made a u-turn that kicked up lots of dust and rocks in the parking lot of a bar called Dada’s, so I really felt we got the full West Virginia experience.

-Whole Foods Ashburn

The store has died down a bit now that it’s been open for a week, so it’s actually navigable now. I went there with my girls and spent $8 on two cupcakes and a petit four for us to sit and eat, because I am a silly and frivolous woman. One thing I love about WFMAshburn is the abundance of local products in store. Two of my favorites:

Cockscomb grown at Greenstone Fields in Purcellville

and basil grown in Aldie. You can’t get much more local than that.


You consider these ripe tomatoes my next door neighbor delivered to our door the other evening, still warm from the sun.

-Lucketts Community Center

We loaded up with friends and drove out to Lucketts to play at Luckett’s Community Center, formerly the Old Lucketts School.

It’s a pretty blue building that makes me happy. The playground is pretty great too!

I’d love to eventually build this feature into an all-hands post where people around Northern Virginia share their tidbits around town, so if you’ve got any small favorite things you’d like to contribute, feel free to tag us on IG or Twitter using the hashtag #tidbitsaroundtown!

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